How to Find Pet-Friendly Homes for Rent

Looking for a place to live? You may want to choose a spacious country home in Kirribilli or a high-rise apartment in downtown Sydney but if you are bringing your Persian cat or St. Bernard dog then you may have to change your priorities. The problem with finding pet-friendly homes for rent nowadays is the fact that pet safety is paramount if you are planning to live in metropolitan areas. Most apartments and condominium units have cramped space and it is not enough if you have active and energetic pets that need large space to go wild. Give a specialised property search engine a try if you are looking for rental homes that fit your budget and your pet’s discriminating taste.

Another problem in finding pet friendly homes is the fact that many landlords refuse to accept pets. Some pet owners are inconsiderate and tend to leave their pets do as they please to the point of destroying properties. Obviously, the property owners want to protect their financial interest by putting a so-called “no pets policy.” Fortunately, many property owners allow pets into their properties so it is a huge sigh of relief for pet owners hoping to find a place to live in the city. Here are important tips that you should know in order to find the best pet friendly homes in Australia.

Narrow Your Search

Searching is not easy so if you are looking for pet friendly rental homes anywhere in the country, you need to be more specific so that you can narrow down everything up to your personal choice. Remember, different property sites and search portals different search results. Take a particular interest in the “no pets allowed” clause so that you can trim down the list to all possible rental homes relevant to your needs.

Ask Around

Use the old school way of finding what you want, ask people who may know something. It doesn’t matter if you talk to friends, neighbours, and your acquaintances. They may know someone who knows somebody about pet friendly rentals that you may want to check out. Though pet restrictions are focused more on cats and dogs, you can ask the landlord about your less mobile pets like lizards, fishes, or tarantula and perhaps they may consider having you in. Give it a try, it will work on you.

Check Advertisements

When you are looking for house rentals pet friendly or not, advertisements will always feature the landlord’s pet policy especially when you are scouring the online listings. Don’t forget to check the picture of the place so that you will know if it’s perfect for your pets.

Bring Your Pet in the Hunt

Thousands of years ago, early humans bring their newly domesticated dogs in the hunt so why not give it a try when hunting for pet friendly holiday homes. This is one way where you can introduce your pet to a potential landlord wherein they can get to know your pet. Once they realise that your dog won’t be a nuisance then the landlord may allow you to rent the property.

Tell the Truth

When you sign a lease for an apartment, it is legally binding and you will liable for any damages that you may cause. Don’t just sneak your pet in because the owner would probably evict you. Finding homes for rent pet friendly can be difficult and you don’t have to violate the terms and conditions just to have your pet with you. Take enough time to do your research and look for the right one for you and your animal companion.

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