Best Strategies to Prevent Grand Theft Auto

Did you know that it takes less than a minute for professional car thieves to steal your vehicle? If you ask photojournalist Mark Allen Johnson from the hit Discovery Channel show “American Underworld,” you will realise how serious motor vehicle theft is. There is no denying that car theft is a crime of opportunity but it is something that anyone can prevent it from happening. Most stolen vehicles are sold for spare parts while some are refurbished to make it look like legitimate. Before you buy a vehicle, make sure that you are not buying a stolen vehicle and never get duped by any shady car dealer.

According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council that a vehicle is stolen in Australia every 10 minutes every day. That statistic is one fact that we have to think about even if theft cases have gone down in half in the last five years. It may take many precautions and safety procedures to make sure our cars won’t get stolen, we need to follow the best ideas to prevent grand theft auto. Here are effective strategies to prevent car thieves from getting their hands on our expensive Lamborghini Gallardo or our dependable KIA Sorento SLi:

Use Car Alarm

Alarm systems or anti-theft devices are effective in deterring would-be car thieves. When you purchase a vehicle, make sure that the dealer installed a car alarm system in the vehicle. Otherwise, you have to visit someone who can install it for you.

Lock the Car Doors

Our driving instructor once told us to lock our doors when we park our car. Even if we park our car inside our garage, we should always keep it lock. Remember, a theft can always happen in a matter of seconds. Aside from locking the doors, don’t forget keep the windows up to prevent someone to pry the door open. If your car is spared, your personal items like your phone, important documents, or money can be stolen.

Never Leave the Key

Keeping our key is one of the very basic car tips that we should know. Leaving it inside in the ignition is the perfect invitation for thieves who want to take your car for a ride and never to return. Even if we are on a hurry, we should never make it easy for thieves to steal our vehicle.

Get Tinted Windows

Thieves have perfected the art of car steal and whenever they see something valuable items inside the car, they usually go for it. Even if they don’t want to steal your vehicle, they keep an eye for expensive car stereos, laptop computers, and other gadgets left behind inside the car. Using tinted windows is one sure way to prevent the prying eyes of would-be car thieves from spotting your brand new iPad tablet.

Don’t Leave Your Car Unattended

Never leave your car with the engines still up and running because this is the perfect opportunity for thieves to drive off your car. Always avoid car stops where you leave your vehicle unattended while you’re grabbing something to eat at the gas station, you will realise that your car would be gone in seconds. There will always be criminals out there that will prey on you just like Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton.

Motor vehicle thefts happen all the time. It would be advisable to get the best car insurance deals to protect your investment from any situation.

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