How to Take Advantage of Career Expos and Job Fairs

Are you a school leaver, a young professional, a job seeker, or a career shifter? Looking for jobs can be quite difficult for some people but there are many events where someone can land a career in a chosen field. In career job fairs, a job seeker may get a greater chance of landing a job because every step of the hiring process is done face to face. This is where a job applicant can impress future employers while a company can meet and assess a large number of potential job candidates suited for certain vacant positions. It works both ways because both applicants and employers can take advantage of the opportunities presented in these types of events. If you are not sure where to find the ideal job that fits your skills and experience, visit a job search portal to find out more.

Major companies and organisations hold careers and employment expo regularly in an effort to tap in the existing labour market brought about by the growing number of graduates and unemployed. Basically, you can take advantage of these types of events in order to get a better chance of landing a job with a particular company. It’s all about creating a good impression on the interviewers and convincing them to consider what you can offer to them. If you are facing a large number of fellow job seekers looking for the same vacant position that interests you then you have to set yourself apart from them in order to gain a favourable impression. Prepare for job fairs and career expos by taking advantage of every opportunity that you can get in order to land the job that you always wanted.

1. Dress to impress

When it comes to impressing the interviewers, your clothing and appearance counts. Dress appropriately and professionally so that you will be taken seriously. Keep it simple and neutral and avoid flashy accessories and jewelry. Go to the venue 30 minutes earlier so that you have enough time to fix your hair and compose yourself. Local and international job fairs will always be flooded with thousands of people so make sure that you are physically prepared to keep your appearance in check before your turn to face your interviewers.

2. Bring extra copies of your resume

Before you go to the expo careers event, make sure that you have extra copies of your resume and reference letters. Make sure that everything is updated from your contact information to your work experience. Proofread it because a wrong spelling and even a simple erroneous entry can cost you the job. Whether you are in a careers expo in Perth or Sydney, the conditions remain the same.

3. Do your research

Before you get to face your prospective employer, make sure that you have done your homework. Research about the company and know what to expect from them so that you will know what approach you are going to follow. Bear in mind, the interviewers will always test your knowledge and communication skills and they will never hesitate to ask questions that will keep you guessing. Visit job search engines to know what the employers want and what they expect from you.

4. Confidence matters

Employers look for potential employees who have the confidence to face any challenges. The interviewer would like to know if the applicant has the confidence to perform their job when the going gets tough. In this case, your experience and knowledge will back you up. Speak with confidence but not go to the point of trying hard to impress. Keep a good eye contact because it’s all about maintaining a professional image.

5. Networking opportunities

Not all people are lucky to be hired by companies in onsite and online job fairs. Fortunately, you can always meet different people and get the chance of exchanging contact information. Whether you are hired or not, always try to communicate with other professionals attending the event because you will never know if you can collaborate with them in future projects.

You don’t need a job finder when you can check every booth and talk to people about certain career opportunities that interests you. If you are thinking of a career change, the job fair is the perfect place to find a company where you can jump ship.

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