Love in the Workplace: Rules for Office Romance

It may be a workplace taboo but countless surveys have suggested that office romance is quite common among colleagues and even bosses. Many people came out of the open and admitted such relationships. Some relationships even resulted in marriage. It is inescapable for some because in a work environment where socialisation with the opposite is common, developing a romantic relationship is quite possible. Sometimes relationships become complicated as some people fail to distinguish between the idea of having a business partner and an office lover. Many organisations face this problem because of the fact that it affects work productivity. When you look for jobs in Australia then visit an employment search portal so that you will know the company policies first.

Ideally, personal relationships should not interfere with work because no one wants complications like misunderstanding and arguments in the office. You can even lose your job because messy office affairs with married colleagues and sexual harassment cases. The company’s reputation will be at stake if such behaviour is tolerated. Though the office romance policy is usually an unwritten rule, an employee should be aware that there is gray line that separates what is appropriate and what is not.

Date Outside

Work is complicated and getting romantically involved with someone can make things even worse. Fortunately, interdepartmental romance may provide a little distance between two people involved. According to the signs, office romance develops when two officemates work together on the same level. Though romance occur in a so-called ‘boss-secretary scenario,’ it is usually attributed to most office affairs.

Going Public

Work brings about all the stresses, challenges, and goals that often bring employees together. This scenario doesn’t stay that way for long because once you meet an attractive colleague on a certain project then there is a good chance romantic feelings would develop. Usually, people keep things into proper perspective by keeping the relationship secret. But going public can be a little bit challenging so it is important to find the proper time to reveal it. Among the many office romance tips, a company party would be the perfect venue to tell it all.

Separate Romance from Work

Romance and work should not mix together because your colleagues don’t want to hear personal issues spilling into work. When romantically involved officemates have a lover’s spat then work won’t be done on time and office communication would be affected. Follow the appropriate office romance policies to make sure quarrels and arguments won’t get out of hand.

Learn to be discreet and use your common sense. Never spread out rumours about a lover to a co-worker because it will just create more tension in the workplace. At the end of the day, no wants to have their personal lives and intimate details scrutinised by rumour-mongering officemates.

Managing Dating Colleagues

Employers should take charge when it comes to handling employees who are dating. Remember, a domestic dispute may overshadow work issues that need to be resolved. They should clarify their expected behaviours from their employees in an effort to provide a clear-cut boundary between personal and professional lives. Office romance affairs are very sensitive issues that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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