Aussies' Best Value-Friendly Destinations

Air travel has become more affordable for Aussies who want to visit the best destinations and the most amazing attractions both near and far. Currency exchange rate is important for tourists who want favourable travel costs. In order to determine the top 10 value-friendly destinations, the Expedia NAB Travellers’ Foreign Currency Ranking is used not to determine the best places to visit in Australia but the world’s best. You will be surprised that there are many places that you haven’t been before yet you can visit there for cheap.

Here are the best value-friendly destinations for Aussies:

1. Turkey (+22% AUD Percentage Gain)

2. Tanzania (+18% AUD Percentage Gain)

3. Vietnam (+16% AUD Percentage Gain)

4. Argentina (+14% AUD Percentage Gain)

5. Thailand (+12% AUD Percentage Gain)

6. Iceland (+11% AUD Percentage Gain)

7. Hong Kong (+11% AUD Percentage Gain)

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