Best Paying University Jobs That Fits Well in Your Resume

School leavers and university graduates in Australia are facing the difficulties and challenges of landing jobs for a variety of reasons. One possible reason is the fact that these fresh job hunters don’t have the experience and maturity to work in full-time jobs yet. Fortunately, there are entry level college jobs that provide the necessary start for a young person’s career. A good start in the professional career would be achieved if the person pulled good grades during his university days while gaining professional experience on the side. In fact, many companies and organisations would love to hire school leavers who had been working students. Check out a job search portal to find out if there are career opportunities that fits your skills and experience.

For starters, jumpstart your career with simple college tutor jobs to hectic fast food attendant gigs on the side. These jobs can help young people prepare themselves in anticipation of a career in the real world. If you ask the student affairs office in your university, they can offer jobs that will fit with your resume and current class schedule. It may not pay well than regular jobs but the experience is much more important. The good thing is that your boss may be more sympathetic especially if you make mistakes because your job is part of the training that will help your prepare for a career outside the university in the years to come. Here are the best paying university jobs:

Campus Tour Guide

A job as a campus tour guide demands good socialisation and communications skills. If you love to talk and meet with different people then it would be easier to deal with prospective students and alumni as you tour them throughout the university. Aside from that, this job will help develop your presentation and people skills since these can prove valuable when go into a job interview for a “real” job in the future.

Brand Ambassador

Unlike typical summer college jobs, being brand ambassador means that you have to promote certain products and services. In fact, some companies hire hip and young people to market mobile phones, computers, and video games to other teenagers. Your job may vary according to your role and responsibilities so that you can be a clothing apparel model, an animal rights spokesperson, or a popular coffee shop barista.

Campus IT Support

Schools need to manage the computer system and provide support services during enrollment and other operations that require more manpower. Your experience in this job will provide you critical experience in crisis and time management that will prove valuable in a career in the call centre industry.

Social Media Specialist

There are good online college jobs that fit well with any young people. A social media specialist job can be that ideal career to start with since most teenagers use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites a lot.

Waiter / Waitress

Some students may look down this job but being a waiter or waitress can serve you well as long as you know how to spin it in the resume to your favour. It may not pay well but you can have good tips by serving customers well.


If you’re the editor of the school’s paper or just an aspiring writer who regularly updates a personal diary, there is a great career waiting for you as a newspaper writer, online content specialist, or professional blogger. Develop your experience in the publishing industry whether as an editorial assistant or freelance writer to help provide the needs of a particular publishing company. Among the many college student jobs, writing provides good exposure to students who want to pursue a professional writing career.

Office Assistant

Some companies and organisations hire office assistants to serve as auxiliaries in critical business operations like reception and basic office management services. This job will help you gain experience as to how an office work really works in real life. With this in mind, you will know what to do when you are in a nine-to-five day office job.

Law Office Staff

If you’re looking for a career as a lawyer then you may perhaps begin your journey with any college of law jobs. In this way, you can familiarise all the legal procedures and learn from the experts themselves. From a legal assistant to a law office staff, these types of work will help you prepare for life outside law school.

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