Finding Common House Defects During Home Inspections

Home inspections are the perfect time to check out common house defects before you decide to buy a house. Though some homeowners won’t admit it, there is no such thing as a perfect house because even the best built and well-maintained homes will have certain areas that are in a less than perfect condition. Selling a house with a broken sink, lousy paint job, and defective furnishings will always leave a bad impression on a potential buyer. It is important for the homeowner to discover the defects and damages first before a home inspection team arrives. Post your home for sale advertisements online so that a prospective buyer will find it at a property search portal.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know about the common problems that affect the house so they hire professionals to make sure these problems are addressed right away. With this in mind, homeowners can save money from expensive repairs in the future. Aside from that, fixing the damages and signs of wear and tear can increase the value of the home for sale. It is necessary to plan for repairs and fix the most common defects that may arise before it’s too late.

Damaged Drainage

When it rains, water goes into the house. Can a damaged drainage system cause all of these inconveniences? Water intrusion can always damage the very foundation of the home especially those with basements and wooden structures. It is time to fix the water drainage to prevent further damage in your home.

Defective Heating and Cooling System

Outdated and older heating and cooling systems tend to break down rather easily so regular maintenance is needed so that a visiting home inspection service team won’t notice such defect. A homeowner may want to invest on a brand new system because the cost of constant maintenance may be much higher than buying a new one.

Environmental Hazards

Older homes may be using materials that contain hazardous compounds and chemicals like asbestos and lead-based paints. Some homes may have toxic levels of high carbon monoxide concentration and molds.

Bad Ventilation

When there is no proper ventilation system, temperature fluctuates as cold and warm air causes moisture to accumulate in the home thereby damaging the interior walls and other structural elements. Home inspection companies will take note of that and inform the homeowner and even the prospective buyers about it. The homeowner should make sure that this problem is taken cared before it’s too late.

Improper Maintenance

If you don’t take care of the house, expect to spend thousands of dollars for repair and maintenance work. All the clutter and defective appliances may transform the house into a big fire hazard waiting to happen.

Leaking Pipes

Let’s face it, no one can stand the sound of a leaking faucet or pipe. Aside from the leaking pipes, dripping faucets and slow drains are such annoying inconveniences for any homeowner. These are the most obvious home inspection problems that you need to solve before a prospective buyer inspects the house for sale.

Roof Problems

Your roof may have old or damaged shingles brought about by extreme temperatures. As the overall structure of the roof deteriorates, rainwater can seep in and affect the collar tie installations and ridge beam support.

No Permit

You don’t want to get unnecessary fines just because you don’t have the necessary permits for finished basements, deck additions, and hot tub and pool additions. If that’s the case, the property inspection services would notify you that you need to complete paperwork for the proper permit.

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