Getting Most Out of Recruitment and Employment Agencies

Nowadays, finding jobs can be a little bit more challenging because of the uncertain economic condition and the competition in the employment market. Some job hunters get in touch with a skilled employment agency in order to help them find an employer and a job that fits their skills, knowledge, and proficiencies. Although employment agencies may be a generic term, it is important to distinguish the subtle differences of executive search firms, personnel consultants, headhunters, and recruitment agencies. Despite the dodgy reputations of some agencies, job seekers and career shifters often go to the Internet to check for the job listings that appeal to them. Check out an employment search site to find the latest job vacancies and career opportunities.

There are literally thousands of agencies out there promising good jobs and amazing careers but you have to understand that some operate differently than the others. There are outplacement agencies that accept money from individuals or organisations to conduct job search for displaced employees. On the other hand, employment agencies seek candidates and market them to companies who can potentially utilise their skills. Employees pay contingent search firms upon successful assignment completion while retained search firms are paid upfront to recruit candidates for corporate clients. Here are effective ways to get most out of an Australian employment agency:

Take Notes from Classified Ads

If you read the job listings in the classified ads regularly then you will probably notice agencies running the job openings week by week then you might as well avoid them. They are merely pooling for possible candidates in the event of a job vacancy or demand. Typically, an employment agency stockpiles resumes from people who they may contact in the future.

Beware of ‘Glamour’ Jobs

Take a second look of career opportunities with “too good to be true” type of jobs. Imagine a seniors employment agency paying a hefty salary for an octogenarian retiree. Such prospects would definitely raise some eyebrows.

Find Specific Details of the Job

Whether you’re searching “employment agency Sydney” in the Internet or not, you should be expecting complete details and information of a particular job advertisement posted in an agency’s website. Ideally, we expect a reputable employment or recruitment agency to provide details of the location of the job, the skills required, the experience needed, the size of the firm, and the expected salary. Don’t waste your time and effort if the agency won’t tell you the name of the actual employer. Besides, you don’t want to work in a company that you won’t fit in, right? Remember to verify if the job really exists otherwise you have become the newest victim of job scams.

Consider Fee-Paid Jobs

If you have a serious handicap but you want to find work, choose a disabled employment agency where you can pay them to find a job suited to your personal circumstances. Do you want 15 to 30 percent of your annual salary taken away by the agency as payment for their effort to land you the job? Absolutely not!

Read the Contract’s Fine Line

Before you sign a contract, make sure you read the terms and conditions, especially those that includes legalese traps. If you fail to see certain clauses then you are bound to pay a certain “fee” to the manpower employment agency. Demand a duplicate copy of the contract and get an expert advice from a professional legal advisor.

Avoid the Interview Treadmill

Let’s face it, agents really go for commissions no matter what. Whether you’re looking for employment agency Perth or not, there are agents that arrange countless interviews with unqualified applicants in order to get the commission for getting someone in.

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