The Most Common Fire Hazards in your Household

Did you know that 80% of fire related deaths happen in the comforts of home? The presence of fire hazards and the absence of fire extinguishers or sprinkler system would mean that fires could happen any time before you have the time to react. As long as you remove all potential fire hazards such as flammable items and household clutter, you can avoid deadly house fires. Bear in mind that aside from the fire, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning kills. Check out homes in safe neighbourhoods by visiting a property search portal.

Not all of us know that the most common fire hazards in homes are the things that we use every day from electrical appliances to kitchen stoves.  Any simple household item may pose serious safety issues so we need to observe their proper use and storage inside our homes. No matter how safe our house is, there is no guarantee that it is completely fireproof. However, you can do many things to prevent fatal house fires from happening. Here are the usual fire hazards and prevention tips that you need to know:

Kitchen Stoves

Even if we follow certain procedures on fire safety, hazards posed by kitchen stoves persist. Liquefied petroleum gas is a volatile compound that often results in cooking equipment fires if the homeowner fails to observe its proper use. Remember, LPG tank explosion and stove fires cause 40% of all home structure fires. Don’t leave the stove unattended especially when you have a hot pot or pan on it.

Electrical Appliances

Another common fire hazards are the usual electrical appliances that we use every day like our television, microwave oven, air-conditioning unit, and computers. We overextend the use of extension wires because we tend to plug so many electrical devices beyond its capacity. Malfunctioning electronic devices cause short-circuit that often result to electrical fires.

Burning Cigarettes

If you love to smoke when you read the early morning news, don’t forget to put your cigarette on the ash tray and never put it on the pile of magazines. It may sound simple but we tend to forget this simple reminder as unattended cigarette butts left behind cause house fires.

Flammable Liquids

Though leaking LPG tanks are the main kitchen fire hazards in our homes, there are other flammable and combustible liquids that cause damage as well. Dangerous compounds that often cause fires include gasoline, paint solvents, pesticides, nail polish, spray paint, and kerosene.


Another common fire hazards in the home is the traditional fireplace and the gas-powered heating system that keep us away from the cold. Make sure to keep the heater away from furniture, blankets, and curtains. The embers from the wood you put on the fireplace will start a fire in your house too.

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