Choosing the Right Nursing Shoes

Every day nurses walk to the operating room to the patient's room and from the nurses' station to the pharmacy. They also have to carry heavy hospital equipment or transport a patient in wheelchair to the restroom. Although nursing is a rewarding job, any nurse will say that it is stressful and tiring because they are on their feet all of the time. Nurses have very little time to sit down and relax because to have to run again and tend to other patients.

Good shoes are important for nurses because it will help in their posture and physical well-being. Make sure that the shoes fit well, comfortable, and durable for the long hours of working.

That is why it is so important that nurses make sure they have the right shoes, that they fit correctly and above all are comfortable for the long hours day after day while working. It doesn't matter what type of shoes as long as it meets the nursing unit's requirements and serve its purpose on you. Some nurses love the Crocs footwear but some healthcare systems have disallowed their employees to wear them. Here are criteria for selecting the right nursing shoes:

1. Skid-proof
Nurses should take into consideration the shoe's sole design. This is an important feature so that you won't slip or fall whenever step on something wet or slippery.

2. Socks
It doesn't look good on you if you don't wear socks at all. Besides, your feet may feel the cold especially on a very cold weather.

3. Comfort
Whatever shoes that you will be wearing, make sure it is comfortable on your feet otherwise, you will never be contented with a shoe that gives you blisters or corns all over.

4. Flexibility
The shoes need to be flexible as you are walking otherwise, your feet, ankles, and legs may get strained from all the activities that you will be doing at work.

5. Fits Well
Make sure that your shoes still have enough space for your feet to breath because if its fit well then your feet will warm up from all the walking and running. You have to understand that your shoes should be able to expand as your feet gets the daily wear and tear. Swelling of your feet sometimes happens.

6. Cushioning
If you want to make sure that your heel or toes are not exposed to pressure from all the walking and running then you can insert cushions to absorb the pressures of walking on hard surfaces.

Choosing the right footwear may help make your day better. Spend your money on a pair of shoes that provide you support and comfort.

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