Examination for Nursing Aides

Nursing aide examination will certify that the nurses is a qualified healthcare professional. A certified nursing aide (CNA) exam is the test that will guarantee nurses jobs in home nursing and assisted living facilities.

Passing these tests will give nurses lots of professional opportunities and career options. Once a nurse is certified legally, he can earn high salary on overseas jobs. Nursing aides and assistants take care of patients and meet their basic needs, which involves bathing, feeding, changing diapers, cleaning bed, and assisting them to go to the bathroom.

Because of increasing competition in the nursing profession, nursing education and certification is more important than ever as a nursing aide needs to be qualified in order to get a respectable job and an appropriate income to take care of his/her family. Many nursing schools are offering nursing aide courses for aspiring nurses. With so many healthcare institutions both local and abroad offering lucrative job contracts, the nursing profession is becoming more popular than ever. Before becoming a full-pledge nursing aide, you need to fulfill basic requirements of certification and pass the CNA examination in order to become qualified for the job.

The CNA examination is designed to evaluate the nursing competencies of an aspiring nurse. It is composed of two tests: written or oral test and hands-one skill examination. All tests are conducted on the same day and one has to successfully pass both tests in order to get certified and listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. The hands-on test of the CNA examination is conducted in such a way that it simulates a real nurse aide environment with all the tools and equipment needed to perform the skills required. Required nurse skills that are tested include measuring the blood pressure, taking pulse rates, and getting the patient's weight.

Aside from passing the CNA examinations, nursing aides need to have the skills and work attitude to become a successful certified nursing aide. They should have the abilities to take care of patients who can't take care of themselves. Nurse aides also support doctors to do their job of making sure that patients recover and helping save lives.

One has to understand that nursing school develop the skills of an aspiring nurse and make sure he/she is prepared for a long nursing career.

More older people are needing assistance from nursing aides. This trend has increased the scope of work and employment of nursing professionals. Without CNA examinations, determining the level of skill and proficiency of nursing aides would be much difficult. It would not be easy to know if a nurse is capable to perform appropriately on the job. That is why, a nurse aide examination has to be passed in order to become a certified nursing aide.

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