Become a Freelance Sports Journalist

Australians love sports. Whenever there are big sporting events like the Australian Open, the NRL and AFL Grand Finals, the State of Origin, the Rugby World Cup, the Ashes, Melbourne Grand Prix, and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, there are journalists that cover every moment of the game. We owe them for featuring our favourite teams and athletes in newspapers, magazines, and other sporting digests. There has been an increasing role for them to deliver fresh and relevant news to subscribers so many publications offer sports journalism jobs to people interested in freelance and part-time positions in an effort to fill the gap.

If you want to be a freelance sports journalist, you need to be objective by separating your “sports fan” mentality from your job.

1. Getting Started

Before you get a break in sports journalism, you need to develop your skills first. If you have a sports journalism or a creative writing background then you have a head start over up-and-coming journos but you need to be familiar with the sports you want to cover. Learn about the athletes, the history of the sport, the biggest rivalries, and the current issues affecting the game.

2. Be a Journalist Like…

It is good to follow a good role model like Richard Cashman, Patrick Smith, and other great sports journalists of our time.

3. Consider Other Opportunities

If you want to be a journalist then you may have to consider other opportunities that will supplement your skills. Develop your writing skills by considering internships with noted publishing companies including major newspapers and magazines.

4. Final Step

If you want to become a sports journalist, be a journalist with the passion of a die-hard sports fan, the integrity of a television presenter, the courage of voicing fearless opinions of a war correspondent, and the unique storytelling style of a literary writer.

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