The Top Facebook Jobs for Freelancers

When it comes to freelance jobs, there are online professions that most people barely know. When it comes to getting work involving the use of Facebook and other social networking sites, some of us would be surprised that there are people who earn money by just using it for a living. Do such freelance jobs exist? The answer is a resounding yes for those lucky blokes who work their day or night with Facebook on their computer screens. The growing demand for social media specialists in online marketing has transformed Facebook as a favourite online pastime into a profession that needs to meet business targets and quotas. In fact, it takes a lot of skills and common sense to master the social media specialist profession and become better at it.

Here are top freelance jobs that deals with Facebook use:

1. Online Recruitment Specialist

2. Independent Social Media Marketer

3. Freelance Photographer

4. User Operations Analyst

5. Technical Writer / Blogger

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