Annoying Expat Pet Peeves

Obviously, Singapore is a small magnet that attracts people from all over the world. Foreigners and expats came in huge numbers brought about their search for greener pastures and challenging new life abroad. I, myself, am one of the many corporate adventurers that were brought into the island nation hoping to see the bright light. Unfortunately, life is tough even on this utopian society.

Drastic measures have been made to control the flood gates and to assure their citizens a better life. Are they worried that foreigners would take their jobs like ravenous piranhas? Well this multicultural country remained tolerant as ever but we can't deny that there will always be stereotypes and pet peeves directed at foreigners and expats. What are these?

Whether you are a Singaporean or not, you will always view expats either with utter contempt and suspicion or great trust like a friend you never had. Nevertheless, some negative opinions remain.

-Expats tend to think that their home is better than the host country.
-They usually exhibit "superiority complex" in various forms.
-They think that they are entitled to everything.
-They play the know-it-all card without the cultural sensitivity.
-They tend to do it their way, thus, refusing to acculturate.

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