Effective Use of Camouflage Clothing in Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival has become a growing fad for people who love the outdoors. It has become the ultimate test of survival as it involves camping, hiking, fishing and workmanship skills. Whether you go into the rainforest or the outback, there is a need for wilderness survival training for novice and casual outdoorsmen. Take the life-saving ideas from the famous survival experts in the Discovery Channel like Bear Grylls of “Man vs. Wild” and Les Stroud of “Survivorman.” Having the survival kit or even some rudimentary survival equipment is the difference between life and death. Without these things, you have to endure and survive the harsh weather, the challenging landscape, and the dangerous wild life the hard way.

Camouflage Clothing in Hunting
First things first, make sure you have the necessary survival equipment such as a compass, a hunting knife, a flint, and a water canteen before venturing in the outdoors unprepared. Aside from that, you also need effective camouflage clothing so that you can blend in the thick forest foliage when hunting for food or evading from dangerous animals.

One of the most important things that you should do when you are in the outdoors is finding food. In some places, finding edible fruits would be difficult that is why you need to hunt for small to big game animals. You have to practise stealth and deception because hunting for food is not easy especially when dealing with fast and nimble rabbits, birds and deer. When you hunt, you need camouflage clothing or any camouflage products to blend in the environment. Choose the right camouflage design and pattern because the forest foliage changes colour as the green summer trees are transformed into reddish-yellowish canopy of falling leaves in autumn and covered by white snow in the winter.

Camouflage for Personal and Wildlife Protection
Before you venture out further, you need to bring first aid kit and even emergency food ration. Bear in mind that you need to protect yourself from the potential hazards that you will encounter in the wilderness. If you have a rifle, bring enough ammunition in your chest webbing. Also consider non-lethal ammunition and tranquilizers since there are endangered animals like kangaroos and dingos that are protected by federal and state laws.

Concealment and Deception Strategies
In wilderness survival, effective camouflage is a good combination of concealment and deception. Use camouflage clothing to the advantage when hunting for small to big game animals. Hide in the bushes for cover without alerting your prey. As for hunting sensitive and nimble animals like deer, wild boars and even feral livestock, you need to practise good concealment and deception strategies. Do avoid encounters with taipan and tiger snakes, salt-water crocodiles, and scorpions so that you have enough time to go to a much safer place.

Whether if you are a casual or an experienced outdoorsman, you need camouflage for hunting and personal protection. When you venture into a humid rainforest or a hot Australian outback, you need to master concealment and deception. In wilderness survival, you only need to understand three important words – outwit, outplay, and outlast.

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