Six Tips On Experiencing The Best Eco-Cruise On A Corporate Yacht Charter

It is a wonderful experience to be able to explore the waters around Australia first-hand. Hopping on board a Sydney Harbour yacht charter with destinations set for an awesome Great Barrier Reef eco-cruise or an exhilarating Tasmania cruise would be on the top of the list for people who want to have that kind of adventure. Though owning a private yacht can be an expensive option, many people can now go for boats for hire.

Aside from renting a private yacht, you also have to organise your eco-cruise from the activities you want to enjoy down to the food to be served. There are many things you have to consider so that you’ll have a memorable trip without emptying your wallet that is why it is important to plan and prepare. Here are six tips on experiencing the best eco-cruise on a corporate yacht charter:

Tip # 1 – Budget

Though renting a private yacht is now getting cheaper but paying for the damages caused by you and your guests may be quite a strain on your budget. Be prepared for that situation. Extra payment such as service charges and GST is expected. Always bear in mind that if you go for cheap yacht rentals then you will expect mediocre service. A luxury boat hire may cost a little bit more but services would be great.

Tip #2 – Safety Precautions

We never know when an emergency may arise or someone needs medical assistance. Know your guests’ allergies, make sure all safety equipment from life jackets to emergency rafts are available, and keep communication open with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, maritime safety organisations, and local emergency response units. Also, check the weather and ensure safety compliance prior to departure. Finally, consider an experienced skipper and crew.

Tip #3 – Location

Going to a picturesque location that you’ve never been to before and enjoy the sceneries of white sand beaches, palm tree islands, and clear turquoise waters can make your entire eco-cruise adventure memorable. Go on a yacht charter at Whitsunday Islands or a small South Pacific island.

Tip #4 – Guest Headcount

Before you check for the availability of boats for hire, you have to determine how many people will be joining you on the eco-cruise. Besides no one wants to get stuck in a small yacht and suffer from a crowded deck.

Tip #5 – Yacht Type

Depending upon the occasion and the number of people that will be attending your eco-cruise, you opt for a simple boat if you and your guest are interested in fishing and other water sports. If you prefer to have a longer charter cruise, choose a yacht that is fully equipped with modern living amenities. Take some time to check which yacht model you are going to rent for your trip so that you can weigh your options in advance.

Tip #6 – Date

When you book for a luxury boat hire, you really have to do it in advance so that the vessel can be prepared with all the necessities and supplies. Some corporate yacht charter companies offer discounts for early booking.

When experiencing the best eco-cruise on a corporate yacht charter, it is important to plan everything so that by the time your yacht sets sail, you don’t have to worry about every detail of your trip. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the entire cruise with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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