Giving Alternate History a Go!

I took up Bachelor of Arts in History during my university days because I grew up reading a lot of National Geographic, Life, and Time magazines. Ever since then, it has fueled my interest in history so that I kept on wondering what would have happened if some aspects of our history changed at a crucial moment? What would be the outcome?

Imagine a world where the Nazis won World War 2 or the Spanish never colonized the Philippines? What about the impact of a butterfly effect or the grandfather paradox on even the insignificant events of the past?

In this blog, I came up with articles exploring such scenarios. This niche blog involved a lot of thought and I decided to publish at least 3 articles per month. If this blog will pick up, I will probably require more content and may have to leverage on guest bloggers.

I named it Altered Timeline because it best describes what this genre of science fiction and history is all about. I used a Flash-designed logo as its main iconography.

UPDATE: The blog content has now been added to Istoryadista.

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