Freetime Hobbies for Nurses on their Dayoff

We know that nurses work long hours just to provide the best level of care that patients can have. They help patients recover from their illnesses yet the ironic thing is that nurses also get sick and suffer fatigue and stress from all their tireless efforts to make sure that the patient’s health condition improves. Nurses should enjoy their day-off so that they can recuperate, relax, and unwind. There many things to do during time off from work and here are some of the hobbies that they can indulge:

1. Cooking

Are you tired of eating the food from the hospital cafeteria? How about learning to cook healthy and fresh? Browse the Internet for fat-free or gluten dishes that you can cook for yourself or for your family and friends. If you are conscious of your stress level, why not cook something that is rich in beta carotene. Learn to try foreign dishes like couscous, Hungarian stew, or Chinese spring rolls. Let your imagination create unique dishes that you can share with your colleagues.

2. Exercise

Are you getting out of shape? Try lifting weights or doing a hundred push-ups. Increase your endurance by having a short- to medium-distance run. If you have lots of time, you can go to the gym and have a one-on-one session with a fitness trainer. Ready your protein shakes and sweatsuit.

3. Study

Review new nursing techniques and specialization that may help you in your work. Getting yourself updated on the latest nursing practice will surely help you in your career growth. Even if you know what to do in your work on a daily basis, there is still a need to review because you can never be wrong with it.

4. Rest

Extended hours from work may take a toll on your concentration because sleeping on the job may not only cost your job but the life of the patient as well. Whenever you have a day off, take some of the time for a much-needed rest.

5. Fun

There is no time to laugh when you are in a hospital or medical center where many patients are suffering and healthcare personnel is stressed out. So when you have the time for yourself, have fun by playing video games or going out with your friends.

6. Shopping

Women love shopping and what a better way to reward yourself by buying new clothes and shoes. It would be a good time to wear something glamorous other than your nursing scrubs.

7. Drink

Men love to go out with their friends for a round of beer and a good night out. Just drink moderately.

8. Relax

Go to a spa and get a relaxing full-body massage, a rejuvenating facial, and a hot dip in the sauna. Sounds good?

9. Makeover

Stress, pressure, and fatigue have effects on your personal appearance. When you have time off from your nursing duties, take some time to pamper yourself by getting a fresh look with a new haircut to match your stylish and fashionable clothes.

10. Cleaning

Since you are usually busy with work, you don’t have time to clean your house. Arrange all your nursing books and reference materials. Dispose of all unneeded things inside your drawers and cabinets. Rearrange the furniture and maybe add new decorations to make your place look brand new.

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