Helpful Tips for Finding a Job as a Registered Nurse

Nowadays, the nursing profession has become one of the most demanding jobs with the United States and Canada looking for talented and experienced registered nurses from other countries, especially the Philippines. Despite the growing nursing shortage in these countries, most nursing graduates who recently passed the board exams find it hard to get a job.

Some nurses may not have their required nursing specializations or enough clinical experience, which are important requirements if their career choice is to work as registered nurses overseas. Even though more and more students are taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing, not all of them pass the board exams. As a consequence, the nursing board is reviewing the accreditation of some colleges and universities that haven’t produced a respectable number of board passers.

Thousands of registered nurses vie for vacancies for a small number of nurses in a healthcare facility, so if you are one of the thousands of new registered nurses then you will be wondering how you can get a job at your local hospital or medical center. How much more if your career choice is to work abroad? How can you acquire the required experience requirements if you can’t even land a local job?

Here are important tips that can help you get a job as a registered nurse:

1. Gain an edge over the other applicants

If you are a fresh graduate, you have to gain an edge over other applicants by including all your honorable distinctions and citations you received at nursing school in the application form. You have to understand that performing well in nursing school is a big deal since employers will be looking at your academic performance in the absence of your actual clinical specialization and experience.

2. Cultivating a good nursing reputation

It takes time to build your nursing reputation because even experienced nurses take a year or two to develop their image in the nursing community. Many of the prestigious hospitals hire nurses with specializations. Take time to build up your experience by taking nursing certifications to build up your specialization in a certain field.

3. Get assigned to a certain nursing specialty

If you have acquired experience in a certain nursing specialty then you can request the hospital administrator or head nurse that you should be assigned to a specific field for you to specialize on. You have to realize that it will be crucial to your boss’ decisions if you have the right attitude towards the job and towards the people you work with.

4. Take other career choices

Hospitals and medical centers are not the only ones who are looking for registered nurses. There is also a great demand for private nurses. If you find a good employer then you will receive much higher pay than registered nurses working in a hospital.

5. Get the recommendations

If prominent and respected people in the nursing and medical field endorse you then they will definitely help you get the job you always want.

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