Swarovski Crystals in your Wedding Day Hair Accessories

Women wear various types of hair accessories to keep their hair in place. It doesn’t matter if they have long or short hair, some love to decorate their hair with a sequin-studded hair clip or a floral-designed hair fascinator. Just like wearing a typical wedding tiara, some women want precious crystals in their hair thus making hair accessories to the next level.

On your wedding day, every guest will be looking at you and your entourage as you walk down the carpeted aisle with the wedding music in the air. Aside from the wedding dress, having Swarovski crystals in your hair accessories is like becoming the fairy tale princess you always dreamed of as a little girl.

What are Swarovski crystals?

The top of the line crystals is the Austrian precision-cut Swarovski crystals, which are custom-made to provide glamour and extra sparkle in your hair. Having Swarovski crystals in your hair accessories makes your stand out from the rest. After all, every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day not just by having their best wedding gown but also with their most attractive hairstyle.

Fabulous hair accessories are necessary for the bride including her bridesmaids and flower girls of the wedding entourage. Different types of wedding hair accessories can be encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Aside from that, Swarovski studded hair accessories look well together with pearls. Here are some of the most popular wedding hair accessories that are the perfect complement to these glittering crystals.

Hair Combs

These types of hair accessories are primarily used for their function, keeping your hair in place. After all, you don’t want to have hair accessories that will just keep their hair from becoming a mess but provide an interesting decorative element into their hair. Choose from sequins, rhinestones, and even Swarovski crystals that adorn these kinds of hair accessories.

Hair Clips

Flower girls at your wedding would look best if they have jeweled hair clips instead of baby headbands. However, hair clips have been used in recent years as decorative hair accessories because of their diverse types and decorative designs. The flower girls and all their glittering hair combs will compliment you as you walk down the aisle.

Hair Fascinators

A hair fascinator is usually decorated with an oversize bow, a giant flower, or feathers and beads. These types of hair accessories are attached to a clip, a comb, or a headband that are light and comfortable to wear. Make sure that the design complements your wedding motif. Genuine Swarovski crystals or faux gemstones can be included in hair fascinators.

Wedding Tiaras

A wedding tiara is the right hair accessory that gives the bride a more distinctive look. Precious crystals and pearls are the perfect combinations for a wedding tiara that will transform the bride into the fairy tale princess you always wanted to be. Young flower girls can have their own mini tiaras too! Your look has to compliment your dress, earrings, and shoes, so it all has to blend well.

Use a combination of these hair accessories from the bride’s wedding tiara to the flower girl’s hair clip. Make your wedding day the most memorable moment of your life by having Swarovski crystals in your hair accessories.

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