An Adventurer’s Guide To Broome, Australia’s Last Frontier

Australia is one large landmass because it is a country and a continent on its own. Ever since Captain James Cook and subsequent European explorers have discovered most of the places we all know today, there are parts of the country where people have yet to visit. Broome is considered one of the country’s last frontiers because of its unspoiled natural beauty. You don’t need an Australian travel guide if you know where you’re heading because you can easily find online resources that inform you on what to do when you visit this sleepy Western Australian town. Check out the latest flights that will take you to Broome for cheap at a flights search portal.

If you head to this city on the northwestern edge of the country, you will probably need a comprehensive Broome travel guide if you really want to enjoy fun under the sun. There are many adventure options to choose from that are perfect for adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts. Whether you go on a biking expedition on the beach or paragliding in the clear blue sky, there is always something for you. It is not an overrated destination but many visitors may find divided on whether Broome is a tropical paradise and trendy holiday hot spot or a remote Outback outpost with pristine wilderness.

Don’t forget to book your chartered flights if you decide to go to Broome. Otherwise, you will have a long drive back to the nearest airport terminal. You can follow a good travel itinerary from someone familiar with the different places in and out of this town. If you are still unsure of which amazing and fabulous locales you need to visit, just ask the Broome tourist information agent. Don’t miss the latest happenings and the exotic attractions that your Broome travel tour will lead you to.

Enjoy the Market

Buying souvenirs and other cheap yet interesting items from the Courthouse flea markets can be fun especially when you get a bargain on an Aboriginal handicraft or get a taste of the delectable local cuisine. Get an ice-cold cup of fruit slushies to beat the heat as you shop for local produce to jewelry. You can never go wrong if you give the banana lumpia with mango sauce a try!

Hit the Waves

Once you’re done with your shopping, you can always hit the waves at Cable Beach and joy a whole day of surfing and barbecue with your best mates. The beaches of Broome are simply the best place to enjoy a quiet time by yourself as you take time to meditate, block your anxieties, and listen to the soothing sounds of the Indian Ocean waves hitting the sand. You can also check the pearl farms that made the city famous.

Racing Fever

The city is also famous for its racing culture that includes the Broome Turf Club Races and the Broome Triathlon that happens from May to August. Two derby races are held usually in the month of June. The Broome Cup is usually on the first week of August and followed by similar events in Wyndham and Kununurra on later dates.

Accommodation in Broome

If you want to stay a little bit longer, you can always check out the different hotels in Broome that offer amazing amenities from tented pools to picturesque sceneries. If you wish for bespoke services, Pinctada Hotels & Resorts is a perfect choice. Stay in the luxury apartment accommodation of Broome Sanctuary Resort if you want the tranquil and peaceful surrounds of this place.

Trip to the Visitor Centre

If it’s your first time in Broome then it would be advisable to pay the Visitor Centre a visit. It is not the usual cramped and dingy agency manned by elderly volunteers but this outfit is where young and energetic people take care of first-time visitors and tourists. Travel Broome is all about getting your bearings straight before you go to your favourite destinations.

Go Back in History

Once you book cheap flights to Broome, you might as well get a history lesson by visiting turn-of-the-century gems of Broome like the Roebuck Bay Hotel and the busy streets of Chinatown. Take a side trip to the Pearl Luggers attraction in town or join the Broome Sightseeing Tours.

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