Hotel Madness: The Top Pet Peeves Of Hotel Guests

If you want to enjoy your vacation getaway or business trip, book the best hotel accommodation with all the luxury amenities. Unfortunately, not all hotel stays can be pleasant because there are common pet peeves that can ruin your day. It can be irritating and annoying if you experience inconveniences in a luxury hotel that is supposed to provide excellent service and amenities at the very least. Such pet peeves vary from dirty bedsheets to lousy room service. If you don’t want to endure all these problems during your special day with your loved ones, check out a specialised hotel search site and look for the best hotel suites in Australia.

You don’t want the smallest inconveniences and minor flaws to ruin your plans of taking the luxury vacation that you always wanted. Though the hotel industry is aware that their clientele wants the best in what they paid for, there are instances that hotel guests won’t get what they want and when they want. Sometimes fellow guests can be a serious pet peeve to people who want to relax and unwind. Here are the top hotel peeves for those staying in a luxury suite or taking a short stay in a downtown business hotel:

Bad Lighting

Lighting can be a real headache if done too much or too little. Mood lighting accent can make the room warm, cozy, and inviting. Getting in a hotel suite with defective lighting is a different story. Dim light can feel like a dreamy atmosphere but the obsession to make it a daily thing can be downright irritating. Hotels need proper and adequate lighting if they want to ensure their guests’ good mood.

The Issue of Tips

How do you tip the valet or spa therapist? There are no fastened hotel rules for guests about tipping hotel staff on rendered services. It is so annoying if some hotels force you to give tips as if it is on their rulebook for guests. Service charges and other hidden payments not appearing on your bill can be contentious issues that may lead to disagreements and arguments.

Cleanliness Factor

If you pay thousands of dollars for a stay on the presidential suite then you should expect to have a spic and span room that is worthy of a stay from a famous celebrity. Unfortunately, some hotel room cleaners sometimes fail to cover all bases so there are some spots left unclean, unwashed towels left dirty, and trash not disposed of.

Wireless Internet

Nowadays, the Internet is part of daily living and hotel guests would always ask if there is WiFi in the hotel. Free Internet access and the WiFi connection are essential in attracting guests to stay. The hotel would be on shaky ground if the Internet connection is intermittent and connecting to it takes a lot of time to do it. Charging money for the wireless connection can be one of the top pet peeves that you can think of.

Breakfast Blunder

Breakfast is the important hotel meal that guests would want and charge them for a lousy breakfast buffet can be a bad move. If hotels can’t offer it for free, they should be charging it at a reasonable price. Guests hate breakfast bills that are even more expensive than what is sold in Maccas.

Unresponsive Aircon Control

Among the list of popular pet peeves that most people hate is not being able to control the room temperature. A centralised air conditioning and the heating system make personal adjustments for a preferred setting impossible but what makes it frustrating is when the aircon is not functioning at all.

No Guide

If you haven’t received the essential hotel guide that allows you to enjoy the various hotel amenities and services then you should have one by now. Otherwise, you won’t be able to visit the interesting tourist destinations in the area. Find out if there is a map of the resort or a checklist of the best restaurants and places to hangout.

Pricey Mini-Bar

The trendiest posh hotels never stop ripping every dollar and cent that you have. In fact, they have a weight-sensitive mini bar that allows them to charge you an exorbitant price just for a can of beer. This is one thing in your pet peeves list that you really can’t cross out.

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