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I really love food, really good food and with that fascination, I worked on a food blog that explores the different tastes and palates of the very best food of every country in the world. I know it will take some time to cover everything. I am hoping to profile the best dish as ranked online.

This niche blog, currently in development, aims to explore different tastes and palates from local favorites to eclectic foreign dishes. The blogger is an avid foodie, a globetrotter, and a history buff. The Visayan phrase "kaon ta na" means let's eat now, emphasizes the friendly and accommodating nature of the people from that region. When someone invites you to a social gathering, which often involves food, people would always ask you to eat with them.

The blog emphasizes visual content so it has galleries and slideshows that allow users to check every food featured on the site. Since it is a responsive site, it renders beautifully on phones and tablets.

I look for the top 10 or best food lists online and the dish that makes the list (made by other websites) will be profiled here. If you want a dish not on the list to be profiled, I encourage you to fill out the guest blogger form found on the site.

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