Car Repairs and Tuneups You Shouldn’t Take for Granted

Whether you own a custom-made Bentley Convertible or a second-hand Volkswagen Beetle, there is always a need to keep regular automobile maintenance to keep it in top performing condition. Addressing minor car repairs are as important as a complete automobile tune-up because you would not want a simple glitch to become a serious damage. We tend to ignore these minor repairs because it cost us but it is much more expensive if we are facing serious car problems. Check out second-hand or pre-owned automobiles in a specialised car search site.

Though there are no cheap car repairs, some minor fixes may become more problematic if you tend to ignore these needed vehicle tune-ups. You can save a little bit of cash but it will cost more in the long run. Take time to inspect your car engine, tires, exhaust, and every nook and cranny. Just like a doctor making a diagnosis, find minor issues and deal with it right away. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Here are minor car repairs that you should not ignore:

1. Car Brakes

Brakes and car wheel repairs are the most important automobile fixes because you don’t want to get into serious vehicular accidents. You have to know that brakes gradually deteriorate from all the wear and tear. You can’t stop your car effectively if your brake pads are defective. Protect yourself and your passengers as well as the motorists and pedestrians on the road by making sure that your brakes are ok. Don’t forget to check if you need car heater repairs when you visit your car service centre.

2. Oil Change

Regular oil changes are needed for your car. Every three months or once you accumulate a mileage of 3,000 miles, you have to visit your nearest oil change stations to get your car serviced. Do you really have to do this? Consider doing a research as to how often your vehicle needs oil change so that you can save extra dollars for other needed fixes. Remember, the oil serves as your car’s blood and over time, it accumulates impurities from dirt, grime, rust, and other heavy metals that can clog your engine. Besides, engines lose a lot of oil from leaks and evaporation.

In the long run, impurities will build up and lesser oil will put a strain on your engine to perform in optimal condition. You don’t want to buy a new engine when you know you can prevent your engine from breaking down with just a regular oil change. While you’re at it, ask your mechanic to perform car exhaust repairs.

3. Air Filter Change

Dust and other foreign particles can clog your air filter so a regular cleaning is needed. Though changing the air filter is cheap, not changing it can cost you thousands of dollars. Air filters serve as your car engine’s lungs. Once a filter is dirty, fuel economy is reduced by 10% as your engine takes in more fuel than normal. When the engine is not getting the air to keep its pistons up and running efficiently, fuel consumption will intensify. In the end, you will burning hundreds of dollars on fuel when you could have save it by regularly changing the air filters.

Aside from increased fuel consumption and engine performance decline, there is a chance that the spark plugs won’t function and the engine will overheat. Consider getting needed car radiator repairs aside from changing the air filters.

4. Fluid Leak in the Transmission

When you encounter a problem with your transmission, chances are it is caused by a fluid leak. The telltale sign of such leak is when you see red drops of fluid on the parking space. Some people may tend to ignore this but long enough until experiencing rough transmission shift or slipping gears. You will probably need car body repairs to ensure structural integrity of your automobile especially in the area where your transmission is situated.

The fluid cools and lubricates the transmission. It is important to seal the leak once you notice it. Besides, it is a relatively job and will just cost you hundreds of dollars. Otherwise, you need thousands of dollars more for a brand new transmission system if you left the leak unattended.

5. Bulb Replacement

If there repair works that anyone can ignore then replacing bulbs for your vehicle headlights is the one. Take time to have car electrical repairs to make sure every vehicle electronic, from car stereo down to the lights. Without a good headlight at night, you may get involve in a serious and oftentimes, fatal head-on or rear-end collisions. Even if insurance can cover the damage, you still have to deal with the hassles of getting your car fixed.

Though it doesn’t affect your car’s driving performance but traffic police won’t hesitate to give you ticket for not having a working headlight or tail light. Why pay hundreds of dollars for traffic fines when you can buy a new bulb for some chump change.

6. Fuel Filter Fix

An important vehicle tune-up is keeping impurities from your engine. Although the air filter prevents airborne impurities from accumulating, the fuel filter prevents heavy metals, impurities, and dirt from clogging up the flow of fuel into the heart of the car engine. Once the filter is choked with all these particles, you are looking at a serious problem that will seriously affect your car’s performance. Unfortunately, it would be costly to replace fuel filter in newer models as compared to the older ones. Ask your mechanic or your nearest service centre for details about replacing the fuel filter.

Don’t skip these minor fixes in order to save a few dollars when you can avoid serious car problems that will eventually drain your wallet for thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter if you are going for car gearbox repairs or not as long as you prevent serious vehicle defects that can get you into accidents.

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