The Real Cost of Home Maintenance

There are always bills to pay even if you live in a suburban home away from the hassles of city living. Home repairs and maintenance are needed if you don’t want your house to fall down on you. Unfortunately, even minor home fixes cost money and will eventually influence your decision of whether to rent or buy your own home. Despite spending money of it, it is advisable to do home maintenance and repairs in order to prevent bigger problems from happening. Make sure you have chosen the ideal home for you and your family by visiting a property search portal.

Our home is an important investment and maintenance is important in order to keep everything in one piece. Even though we all want to live in utmost comfort in a beautiful and appealing home, we have to keep up with the cost of home maintenance too! Not all homes are the same so the repairs may depend upon the needs and requirements. In this case, the cost of maintaining your Sydney suburban home may not be the same as a homeowner living in rural Queensland. Find out what you’re going to pay for maintaining your home.

Paint Job

The deterioration of your home’s appearance is the first thing that everyone will notice. Since it is your important life investment, it all makes sense to keep your home in “mint” condition on a regular basis. Depending upon the number of rooms, it will cost you about $2,000 for a fresh coat of paint for your home’s interior once in every ten years. Aside from that, the cost would go up if you specific paint needs on every room.

Home maintenance cost skyrockets when you go to the exterior of the home for paint job. The fact is that, paint deteriorates because of the exposure to the elements. Weather-resistant paint may cost you even more because you need fresh coats of paint once in every five years. It may probably cost up to more than $3,000 to $5,000 tops.


A well-paved lawn and landscaped front and backyard gardens are the main elements that will beautify your home. Prevent the weeds from catching up and transform your lawn into uneven grassland. You need to mow your grass every six weeks and will eventually cost you up to $800 per year. Seek help from landscapers and specialised home maintenance services.

Gardeners will charge you about $40 per hour on general maintenance and pruning services. Rates may change depending upon the size of your garden and the amount of work it takes to make the job done.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the roof gutters is one dirty job because you have clear dried and decomposed leaves as well as accumulated rainwater. This maintenance has to be done twice every year to prevent water from seeping into your roof and preventing leaks from forming. Never ignore home maintenance tips when cleaning that part of your home because you don’t want rotting fascia boards, water damage, and mildew infestation. Professional cleaners will charge you $32 per hour with whole roofing repair of as much as $3,000.

General Home Maintenance

There are many home fixes, repairs, and maintenance work that you can’t prepare for – roof leaks, collapsed wall installations, and plumbing problems. It is advisable to keep a budget for these unexpected home maintenance issues. In recent years, the average home maintenance cost has gone up due to the more expensive materials with a plasterer billing you an average of $2,500 per ceiling, an electrician rewiring your home for an hourly rate of $70, and a plumber asking you $70 to fix your leaking faucet. The challenging tasks of cleaning the drainage may cost even more.

At the end of the day, it is all about prioritising what you need and deserves needed attention. There is no specific way of reducing your yearly home maintenance bill. Well there is one way where you can control your expenses – conduct regular inspections of your home and create an inventory on all home maintenance issues needed to fix.

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