Becoming Competitive in a Challenging Nursing Job Market

Despite the growing nursing shortage nurses worldwide, not all nurses and nursing graduates can find a job right away because of the intense competition for every nursing vacancy. Those who want to try nursing abroad and land any high-paying overseas jobs would be in a big surprise as many countries have strict visa requirements. Some nursing boards have also stringent rules and regulations on foreign nurses.

The sluggish economy has forced many working nurses to delay their retirement and hold on to their jobs and some pick up more hours to earn more. As a result, many nurses who are seeking part-time and full-time employment may find it hard to get a job. Here are four important tips to become competitive in an effort to land a nursing job:

1. Seek other opportunities
Many nurses would seek hospital work but for the meantime seek other related work so that your nursing skills would not diminish while still unemployed. You can try applying for work as a school nurse, medical staff in a gym, or a caregiver in a nursing home. In this way, you will not be idle because extended unemployment not only breaks your confidence but ruins your marketability for overseas jobs.

2. Try volunteer work
Becoming a volunteer nurse to assist in medical missions to rural areas may only provide you allowances but the experience will definitely help you get a good job once. While you are still looking for paid employment, you are also developing contacts that can help you later on your job search. Aside from that, your volunteer experience can be a topic on your interview where you can talk your achievements and skills learned during your stint. Consider volunteer work in your local public health department.

3. Become active in local nursing organizations
Be a part in community health by attending meetings and activities of your local nursing organizations. It will help you build a support system in your new profession and at the same, get acquainted with the latest nursing trends and developments. Members will provide you feedback, advice, mentoring, and job search assistance.

4. Continuing education
Update your knowledge and skills by taking additional nursing courses. Also consider certification programs to expand your nursing specialization. Just because you are not yet employed doesn’t mean that you have to be inactive for a period of time.

Because of the difficulties of landing a good paying job, nursing graduates and experienced nurses have to look for other career directions for the meantime. Don’t let your nursing career stagnant, keep moving forward.

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