Best Ways for Nursing Students to Save Money

It’s not surprising that nursing education nowadays is quite expensive especially the rising tuition fees, reference materials and books, school supplies, and project costs. This is very difficult for nursing students who want to study hard in order to complete their nursing education and eventually start a successful nursing career.

It is crucial to save money so that you won’t be burdened with personal debts and student loans by the time you graduate nursing school. You wouldn’t want to be paying all your outstanding debts when you are suppose to be preparing your documents and applications to go nursing abroad. Here are the best ways for nursing students to save money:

1. Stay at home
I know some nursing students may not agree with me but if you stay at home then you don’t have to pay for your rent, which you can save the money for processing your documents for work abroad. You can also save in your daily expenses as you don’t have to spend on food and other basic essentials. Depending upon how you manage your nursing studies but staying at home means that you are on your comfort zone.

2. Live with roommates
If you don’t want to be at home, you can always rent a boarding house or apartment together with your colleagues. In this way, you can share the cost your daily expenses. Aside from that, you can also have an in-house study session as you can ask a roommate about your Anatomy lesson or have a tutorial with flatmates on Biology. You can always hangout with your friends whenever you need someone to talk to or just wanting to have some fun.

3. Get a part-time job
Earn extra money by having a part-time job by flipping beef patties on a burger joint or as a working student in the school library. You can also go for healthcare-related part-time jobs like a babysitter, medical transcriptionist, or nursing aide. These jobs can provide you important experience in the healthcare industry. Consider it as a sneak preview on what you can expect after you are done with nursing school.

4. Save extra money
Every penny counts and you can save money by borrowing used books, buying discount laboratory equipment, and using second-hand computer. Thrift stores and online forums are your friend when it comes to buying cheap and quality stuff.

5. Sell unused items
When you are busy with school work, internship in the hospital, and doing curricular activities left and right then you have so many items that are left unused. Maybe you can sell your video game console that is collecting dust in your closet or the clothes that you couldn’t wear anymore. Your books during your freshman year can be of good use for new nursing students.

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